Nick Nikolaou completed his studies in fashion photography in London Arts University (I.c.f).

For many years, he collaborated with famous fashion designers and stylists, in fashion magazines and in the advertising industry generally. He has also participated in solo and group exhibitions. In his first solo exhibition, titled «Voxitis», Nikolaou presented black & white photographs depicting women exuding strength, found in total harmony with the industrial environments surrounding them. For his new series of work, Nick Nikolaou dived in the majestic blue waters of Mykonos island to create the series of work presented in the exhibitions Aquatic Dreams (Athens) And  Liminalities (London).

As the viewer looks at the work of Nikolaou, his gaze focuses upon the scenographic details that the photographer cautiously stages. The expressive bodies of the -always- female subjects seem to be in total harmony with the surrounding environment. The movements of the female models give away their seductive intentions. The dramatic light temperatures of the surrounding space, and the contrast on the shading of the almost sculptured clothes of the models are highlighted through the artist’s choice to print the photographs on metallic mounts. As external beams of light reflect on the aluminum surface , more movement and theatricality is added to the artworks. He masterfully sets up dramatic scenes in the context of which all movement, natural and and lοοse, leads the viewer into a state of visual consumption of the beautiful.