Yiannis Papadopoulos studied in Vakalo school of Arts and in the West Surrey College of Art and Design. He is member of AFI group.

He tries to translate his ideas into structural forms to express the antithesis of the in and out to penetrate through a transparent surface into the inner world, to communicate.
In terms of form, his works are poised on the boundary between a freely developing open form and a controlled disciplined structure. “I like this contradiction” he mentions.

During the period from his studies to today he has used many different media but two of them have remained steady: Painting and drawing. The ones he began with.

Major Exhibitions: 

2014  «AFI affair», AFI collective, MUSEUM BENAKI, Pireos Building, Athens, Greece

2013  «Sense of Touch», AFI collective, PERIPLE gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2012  ALMA CONTEMPORARY ART gallery, Trikala, Greece (group exhibition)

2012  «Crafts fair», FUGARO, Nafplion, Greece (group exhibition)

2012  «Inopiion», LEMOS CENTER, Athens, Greece (group exhibition)

2012  «Afi,gr», AFI collective, GRIECHISCHE KULTURSTIFTUNG BERLIN, Berlin, Germany

2012  «Afi.gr», AFI collective, HANDWERKSFORM HANNOVER, Hannover, Germany

2010  «joannes Gennadius and his world», GENNADIUM LIBRARY, Athens, Greece

2009  «Upside Down», AFI collective, MUSEUM BENAKI, Pireos Building, Athens, Greece