Francesco Cuomo, born in Eboli in 1973, he graduated from Siena in 1998.

He has always wanted to convey emotions to people, that’s why he started to paint: he creates and writes to show through colours what he has lived and still lives - people, facts, anecdotes, street life; he paints to make his emotions tangible through colours. Colour means happiness, joy of life, being positive, colour is the future for him.

His creativity began by creating paintings and poems, but at some point he felt the need to translate it into a more tactile way, thus giving the opportunity to people to be able to fully, and physically, enjoy his creations, creating a concept of art that he thinks is the daughter of modern generations: art must be physically experienced and touched.

So apart from paintings, he began to fashion chairs, armchairs, benches, chaise longue/dormeuse, vases, lamps and recently bags and scarves: being able to observe and then physically “feel” his work makes him immensely joyful ... he likes the idea that people can caress, touch, physically feel one of his works: it is as if people could touch his soul and emotions. It is 'a feeling that Francesco Cuomo simply calls unique.


Major Exhibitions

2002 Ice Bar - Stockholm, Sweden

2004 Gallery of the Palace Coveri - Florence, Italy

2005 "World's Artists” Rome via Margutta, Italy  (solo exhibition)

2005 Gallery ModenArte, Modena, Italy

2006 World's Artist Gallery and Artemisia Montecarlo. Principality of Monaco.

2007 Missart Gallery, Art Verona, Italy

2007 Finarte Milan Auction, Milan, Italy

2009 Quadrum Saca "The Walls of desire”, Bologna, Italy

2009 Gallery GEMLUC, Montecarlo, France

2010 Presentation of a picture dedicated to the Princess of Eboli, Pastrana Spain

2010 Sweet life as an artist , Salerno, (solo exhibition)

2010 Bocconi Gallery, presentation of Work of Persol, Milan

2010 A Work of Persol, Art Basel Marcde Puechrdon Gallery, Switzerland

2012  Cesello Gallery, Castiglioncello, Livorno, Italy

2012 MOA Museum Operation Avalanche, Room Contemporary MoArt, Eboli, Italy

2013 Le bandiere dei due Mondi, Venice, on the occasion of the 55th Venice Biennale, Italy