Amalia Antoniadou originates from Istanbul and Boston, but lives and works in Athens.

Although she studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts she has been focusing on installations, combining sculpture and graphic design.

What is particularly important in her work is the use of written language -- using the alphabet as her medium to symbolically express childhood memories and experiences through created objects.  Her pieces are characterized by an abstract purity and minimalism.  Art and science  two parallels, become one in Amalia's ongoing journey in  search of the means to visualize her memory and self-awareness.

Amalia's works should be viewed as autobiographical references to the past. Feelings and memories that resulted from personal, multicultural experiences in childhood resulting in a blend of Eastern and Western influences reflecting a modern and globalized world.

Major Exhibitions:

2013    Studios exhibition, metamatic:taf,  TAF,  Athens, Greece2012    15th Athens Fashion Week , Technopolis, Gazi,

2012    “Douroutis Young Artists Exhibition”, Ioannina, Greece2011    14th Athens Fashion Week project, Technopolis, Gazi

2011   “28 Students - 55 Posters for the World Aids Day” project, Athens, Greece  Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

2009   “The Sotiria project”, Sotiria Hospital, Athens, Greece